Operation First Aid Tin

Operation First Aid Tin
Though it might not help with butterflies in the stomach or spare ribs, this Operation First Aid Tin certainly will help with more routine ailments, and is a great place to store all those first aid essentials! Inspired by the classic children's game, this a useful first aid tin with a retro Operation design, making it a great gift for the home and a more fun way to keep together all those first aid bits and bobs from things like plasters and bandages to scissors and safety pins. When stored at home, they'll be no doubting what's inside thanks to the amusingly appropriate Operation theme! Operation is Hasbro's classic children's game first created in the 1960s by John Spinello. The much loved game of skill and precision involves players removing the different parts of 'Cavity Sam' while trying to avoid setting off the buzzer. The cover of the Operation First Aid Tin takes its design from the image of Cavity Sam and his well known ailments, including his Adam's Apple, Broken Heart, Wrenched Ankle, Butterflies in Stomach, Spare Ribs, Water on the Knee, Funny Bone, Charley Horse, Writer's Cramp, Ankle Bone Connected to the Knee Bone, Wish Bone, and Bread Basket. The Operation First Aid Tin is an officially licensed product and makes a great, unique storage box.

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