Combining amazing artwork with superb lighting this wholesale Luminart range is hugely popular with customers. Your customers are guaranteed to love these amazing products which literally showcases iconic characters such as Zelda’s Link in their best light. Portraying characters in both modern and more retro forms such as Breath Of The Wild Link and old school comic book Batman there is something for all generations across these wholesale Luminart gift range.

They are cool as well as practical making them a great seller and a must have for your store. These products are amazing and are made only greater by the amazing brands and characters displayed on them such as DC comic’s main protagonist Batman and his arch nemesis Joker for comic book fans as well as lights displaying well known video game characters for your gamer customers looking for an incredible way to brighten up their rooms.

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Batman Luminart New

Batman Luminart

The ultimate gift for any comic book fan – a 12" tall illuminating wall art featuring classic Batman cover artwork! Dual powered by either USB or bat..

The Legend of Zelda Luminart

The ultimate gift for any gamer – a 12" piece of illuminating wall art featuring iconic hero Link from The Legend of Zelda game Breath of the Wild! D..