We love amazing art, we also love amazing lighting which is why we offer this incredible amalgamation of the two – luminart, right here in this wholesale luminart range. These luminart products are from huge brands such as Zelda – one of the biggest names in gaming and one of Nintendo’s many amazing creations. These lights offer striking, bold imagery which will illuminate your customers room and display the brands and characters in their very best light such as Zelda’s Link being displayed in an incredible image taken from his portrayal in the Nintendo Switch’s Breath of The Wild. 

These incredible products are stunning as lights and art with the practical use of lighting up a room which is why we know that your customers will love these exquisite luminart products.

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Batman Luminart

The ultimate gift for any comic book fan – a 12" tall illuminating wall art featuring classic Batman cover artwork! Dual powered by either USB or bat..

Gryffindor Luminart

Show courage, chivalry, and determination, the most important characteristics of any Gryffindor member, and display your favourite Hogwarts house on y..

Harry Potter Patronus Luminart

The ultimate gift for any Harry Potter fan %u2013 a stunning 12in piece of illuminating artwork featuring Harry Potter's iconic Patronus...

Hufflepuff Luminart

Show loyalty to your favourite Hogwarts house and display the badger crest of Hufflepuff on your wall with this beautiful piece of Hufflepuff Luminart..

Ravenclaw Luminart

If Ravenclaw is your favourite house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, then be sure to show your loyalty and hang this beautiful Ravencla..

Sirius Black Luminart

The Sirius Black Luminart is a wonderful, light-up canvas featuring Sirius’ wanted poster, as administered by the Ministry of Magic. A wonderful piec..

Slytherin Luminart

This light-up Slytherin Luminart, featuring the house’s crest and famous snake, allows you to boldly proclaim Slytherin as your house. The house was ..

Super Mario World Luminart

Give a power up boost to your bedroom or living space with this delightful Super Mario World Luminart %u2013 a light up canvas featuring box artwork f..

Super Metroid Luminart

Give a power up boost to your bedroom or living space with this delightful Super Metroid Luminart - a light up canvas featuring the box artwork from t..

The Legend of Zelda Luminart

The ultimate gift for any gamer – a 12" piece of illuminating wall art featuring iconic hero Link from The Legend of Zelda game Breath of the Wild! D..