• Launched in 1994, original PlayStation was first gaming console to ever ship 100 million units

• Iconic image, name and logos are instantly recognized by gamers of all ages

• Range features a mix of products with both modern & retro appeal

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Playstation 3D Metal Keyring

An iconic symbol for gamers, carry a mini version of the classic Dual Shock PlayStation controller with you wherever you go with this PlayStation 3D M..

Playstation Controller Mug

Stay refreshed when gaming with this iconic drinking mug. Inspired by one of the greatest video game consoles ever created, the PlayStation Controll..

Playstation Gadget Decals New

Playstation Gadget Decals

Turn your gadgets into perfect PlayStation memorabilia with this great collection of PlayStation Gadget Decals. With 4 sheets of PlayStation themed de..

Playstation Game Coasters

A great addition to any gaming den, this set of PlayStation Game Coasters take inspiration from some of the best video games ever made - all released ..

Playstation Icons Light

Perfect for gamers, this PlayStation Icons Light features the classic PlayStation controller button symbols on a sleek black plinth, making an ideal a..

Playstation Inflatable Chair

Complete your gaming den in style with the addition of a PlayStation Inflatable Chair! The perfect position from which to do all your gaming in comfo..

Playstation Metal Coasters

A great addition to any gaming den, this set of PlayStation Metal Coasters take inspiration from one of the most famous video game consoles ever made,..

Playstation Mini Light w/ Try Me

The perfect lighting for your gaming room, this PlayStation Mini Light – inspired by one of the most popular video game consoles ever created – featur..

Playstation Notebook New

Playstation Notebook

Find inspiration in a classic console with a PlayStation Notebook. Based on the iconic original Sony console, the PlayStation Notebook features a retr..

Playstation Playing Cards

For the card players – PlayStation Playing Cards! A fun set of playing cards inspired by the original classic console – this set of PlayStation Play..

Playstation Stress Controller

Take the stress out of gaming with a PlayStation Stress Controller, the easiest way to remain in control during even the most frustrating gaming momen..