Love to play PAC-MAN™?  Well the PAC-MAN™ game remains one of the highest-grossing video games of all time and our range continues to be one of our most popular.  The PAC-MAN™ man has iconic status and retro appeal with an instantly recognisable shape that lends itself to a whole host of fun and unusual gifts.  And what about those ghosts…

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Pac Man Arcade Alarm Clock

Power-up in retro style each morning with this ultra-cool PAC-MAN Arcade Alarm Clock! A battery powered alarm clock designed like an iconic PAC-MAN t..

Pac Man Arcade Keyring

Pocket a piece of PAC-MAN memorabilia with a retro-cool PAC-MAN Arcade Keyring! A mini arcade machine inspired by the 1980s classic, the PAC-MAN Arca..

Pac Man Pint Glass

Stay refreshed while gaming with this PAC-MAN Glass. The ultimate way to get a power-up boost while making your latest high score attempt, the PAC-MA..

Pac Man Playing Cards

A great gift for gamers of all ages, PAC-MAN Playing Cards feature PAC-MAN's iconic foes as each of the suits, making this a fun set for all the famil..

Pac Man Pop Up Backpacks

A handy power-up boost when you need it – this PAC-MAN Pop-Up Backpack can be folded away into a self-contained travel pouch when not in use, but is f..

Pac Man Projection Light

Get a power-up boost with a PAC-MAN Projection Light – a mini light for your room that projects iconic PAC-MAN images onto nearby walls and surfaces. ..

Pac Man Shaped Mug

Get the ultimate power-up boost by taking your refreshment to the next level with this iconic PAC-MAN Shaped Mug! An over-sized drinking mug inspire..

Pac-Man Gadget Decals

Looking for some great Pac-Man themed gifts? Problem solved. With these Pac-Man Gadget Decals you can make anything and everything into great Pac-Man ..

Pac-Man Ghost Light

Colour changing mood light with 16 phasing colours and a sound-to-light 'party mode'. USB powered, 20cm tall...

Pac-Man Stress Ball

The perfect gift for the stressed-out video game enthusiast...