Before we ring the New Year, here at Paladone we like to let loose and celebrate the entire years accomplishments through our annual Christmas party. Of course, this isn’t our only day out of the year we have fun, but it is the one where we all gather at once to enjoy a night of good food and fun tunes.

So how did Paladone spend its day leading up to a night full of laughter and unforgettable memories? Keep reading below to see we spent Dec 7th leading up to the Yule Ball.


What better way to bring everyone together, than our annual Christmas party? This year, the social committee blew everyone away by organizing our very own Yule Ball (DJ Dumbledore included!) at the heart of Brighton UK’s former church, Fabrica.

As a company with remote teams, we don’t often get the chance to merge together the LA, HK and UK offices and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.  After having the sales and marketing teams from all three offices join for the first annual Sales Summit 2018, there was no better way to culminate.

The eventful Friday kicked off with a short work day and a gathering of everyone in our showroom to exchange Secret Santa gifts, but not before hearing a few words from our Managing Director Graeme Carr, expressing his gratitude for completing yet another successful year. It was exciting to hear that over the last year, our company welcomed a great number of newcomers on board across all three offices.

Later that evening, everyone gathered at Fabrica where we began the memorable night over some welcome drinks before taking a seat at our wonderful themed tables. From Hagrid’s Hut, to Azkaban, it was a very Hogwarts Christmas with magicians visiting every table, impressing everyone and even leaving some stunned!

The end of the party not only brought all departments closer but reinforced our relationships with one another as we are reminded that we do all share a common goal: To #GiftSomethingBetter.

And of course, no party is complete without a photo booth. Just take a look at how we captured our great night through snapshots!



Our party had it all: laughs, drinks, and lasting memories. We’re not only excited to see what next year holds but we thank you for contributing to all of our success!

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